When you have many clients timing is key. If you want to optimise your time and deliver the best performance within your Google campaign we recommend you to follow the following steps.


4 tips to Optimise Google Adwords

1. Bid Management

Bid optimisation doesn’t need to be daily, if you don’t like to use automatic bid or a specific target bid we recommend you to check bids once a week.


  • Increase CPC for those converting Keywords to make sure you overtake your competitors and your ad is displayed in the first position. But be careful with increasing bids as we don’t want you to overprice keywords also paying more having same results as that could increase CPA.


  • Decrease CPCs for those keywords with low performance (very expensive or conversions).

You can review this weekly, pull the search query report to understand which keywords you need to optimise. Also set ad schedule bidding more depending the time of the day or the day of the week.


2. Keyword Research


Are you aware of which keywords are converting? Pull the SQR from Google Adwords Dashboard or Google Adwords Editor and you will see which keywords are triggering with which keywords. And more important thing, which one leads to a conversion.


Add converting or relevant keywords and use different match types.


Don’t forget that Google Browser will help you to find new keywords, Amazon will help you as well.


3. Ads optimisation


All is about the message, Google has proved that a strong call to action will increase your CTR.

Use 3 different sets of ads with different call to actions.


Don’t forget to add Sitelinks, Callout extensions, price links, promo links, review links, etc that will help you to increase the quality of your ads.


Google Campaign

4. Improve campaign relevance


  • Pause all keywords that had 0 impressions and 0 clicks for the past 90 months.
  • Also Improving Keywords QS will impact positively your adwords campaign.
  • Block irrelevant traffic excluding keywords


Landing page is very important to, speed is one of the reasons you QS can be penalised.

Test your speed here to see if it’s responsive. It’s said that 50% of you customers will abandon your site if the loading process is more than 3s.


With these four steps it will make your life easier and you can optimise your campaign and your time to get the most profitable result.


If you want to contact a professional and get an audition of your adwords account please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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