Effective Ads beyond the click

In Media Adgo we know the most effective campaigns are not those that only call the user’s attention. For this reason, our PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing Team optimizes the bids and the budgets for our advertisers to maximize their results and ROI beyond the click.

  • Search Advertising – SEM

Our PPC Marketing team works with Google Ads, Bing and Yandex to offer instant traffic and the maximum of visibility to our clients in the main search engines.

Our experts can provide strategic support from the beginning of the campaign but also we can improve the performance of an existing one. We also help to promote your videos through Youtube Ads.

  • Social Ads

Through Social Media Marketing campaigns we cannot only provide qualified traffic for our clients.

Social Networks are also the best channel to achieve engagement, awareness y branding thanks to theirs wide segmentation possibilities.

Our expert Social Ads Team successfully manages Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads, among others.

  • Remarketing

98% of users who visit a website for the first time do not fill out a form or make a purchase.

Our Retargeting strategies are the best to redirect these interested users towards the purchase process.

Soluciones tecnológicas de producción in-house
  • Display Advertising

In Media ADgo, we offer our clients display marketing strategies to drive both their conversions and their brand.

We have a team of experts in Direct Response campaigns and Awareness.

  • Native Advertising

Native Advertising has a great ability to blend into the content of the web page on which it is hosted until it seems part of it.

Thanks to this mimesis, we can achieve great visibility for our customers.

  • Shopping               

If you have an e-commerce, we have the key to increase your sales. Through the management of Shopping campaigns by Google Ads and a strategic support, we can multiply your business revenue.

  • Programmatic Marketing

Our experts also successfully work on the intelligent purchase of digital advertising to reach as many qualified users as possible. Our weapons to achieve this are micro-segmentation of the audience and real-time bidding.

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