The most pioneering data engineering at your service

Our data engineering specialists are pioneers in the development of technological solutions tailored according to the objectives of our customers. We offer a global accompaniment that includes:

  • Data Collection in order to create a database or to increase the volume of existing databases.
  • The cleaning of the data to improve or eliminate all the wrong records that may damage the monetization of the databases.
  • The development of in-house technological solutions to satisfy all the emerging demands of the digital strategy of our advertisers.
  • The Legal Advice of the Data Privacy and the process of collection through our legal service for the different international regulations of Data Privacy. We also manage the obtaining of permits, data transfer, cybersecurity and adaptation to the new GDPR regulation of the EU.
Soluciones tecnológicas de producción in-house
  • Data Enrichment: our own technology allows us to qualify and update all types of databases, thus increasing their quality.
  • List Management: Our clients have a personalized support in the exploitation of their bases according to their business expectations. This advice includes the support of our technical, commercial and legal experts.
  • CRM Accompaniment: our in-house technology allows us to design and implement advanced CRM strategies for all types of e-commerce that include:
  • Personalized design of responsive newsletters
  • The optimized and segmented dissemination of the corresponding newsletters to reach the largest possible number of potential customers at the lowest cost as well as the analysis of the results obtained.

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