Data collection solutions ad hoc

We are a leading agency in the collection of high-quality data and our in-house technology allows us to optimize the collection process based on the needs of our advertisers. We are experts both in micro-segmentation and generalized lead collection.

  • Sponsoring: this collection method allows the massive collection of interactive subscribers at low cost through a sponsored channel.
  • Co-registration: this model allows the collection of more qualified subscribers with the acceptance of becoming opt in partners of our advertisers.
  • Dedicated Campaigns: With this collection method, we collect quality leads with high reactivity to the offers, since subscribers have previously expressed their interest in the corresponding product or service.
Lead Generation

Real Time Performance

We work in Real Time Performance so that our clients have the results of their digital marketing actions in real time. This monitoring in-streaming through a Cross-Channel platform allows to react immediately and optimize the results.

Lead scoring

We use the lead scoring technique to qualify the leads generated according to their degree of proximity to the ideal client, their interaction with the company and the point of the purchasing process of the customers.

Verification of the Data Collection

Our work methodology includes authentication and verification of data collection in accordance with the new GDPR regulation of the European Union to guarantee our clients the maximum transparency and legal security.

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